Owl Simply Design's goal is to help your business stand out in from the crowd. Whether you desire to turn your hobby into a professional business, expand your current business to reach higher levels of marketing engagement, or an author wanting to reach readers through their writing. We remove the frustration over cookie-cutter design solutions you don't love and don't speak to your target market by looking at a variety of design solutions to customize and create a high-end look for your business brand. Our goal is for you to feel excited every time you see your designs showcasing your business at its best, speaking directly and clearly to your market.


I’m a Creative Designer + Writing Coach based in North Georgia.

I love working with clients looking to grow their businesses and fulfill the dream of becoming an author!

My story

I'm a creative designer, a mix of a designer/writer/artist who loves to help others find more creativity in their lives. With degrees in Studio Art and Interior Design, I've taken my passions and made them into a business I love by helping businesses stand out from the crowd through customized design.

Owl Simply Design grew out of my previous professional organizing business: which focused primarily on organizing homes/offices. Only organizing left me heartsick because I’m passionate about organization, design, and creative outlets. I am an artist, writer, book layout designer, cover designer, professional organizer, aging-in-place specialist, and more than just a one-note entrepreneur.

Owl Simply Design was established formally in 2022, while in my heart has been established for many years.


Graphic Designer
8+ Years

Senior Custom Designer for Large Carpet Company
4+ Years

Writer + Self-Publisher
7+ Years


B.A. in Studio Art
B.A. in Interior Design

I hate coffee unless it’s in ice cream.
I normally drink sweet tea (like a true Southern Lady) and hot chocolate.
*I've tried hot tea, but it's not my favorite.

I write novels - Cozy Mysteries &
Contemporary Christian Romance.
I love writing and any free time is spent plotting out new stories.

I grew up in Cartersville, Georgia,
& planned to leave after college but God had other plans - I love living in this small, unique city. We have so much to offer for a small town with loads of charm.

Just a Few Facts About Me!

I went to clown school when I was in middle school and had a clown act with my sister visiting schools and libraries.

I love a good notebook. Spiral bound is my favorite and always have one with me.
I use them for everything.

Erasable colored pens are the greatest invention! My sister gave me a set in 2020 & I use nothing else. They are AMAZING!

Enneagram 4 | D.I.S.C. CD | Myers-Briggs INFJ

My Favorite Things

Color: Polka Dots or Gray

Season: Fall


TV Show: M*A*S*H & Scooby Doo


Do you want to stand out from the competition?
Does your business look unprofessional?
Are you an author dreaming of putting your writing out into the world?
Do you have a dream to write but can’t figure out how to start?

Let me help you stand out from the crowd!

Owl Simply Design

Anna Christine Boulier
Creative Designer

155 Cherokee Place #1032
Cartersville, GA 30121


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