Isaac Hall Group

Keeping Insurance Shockingly Simple

The Isaac Hall Group specializes in making health insurance accessible to those who believe it's beyond their reach. He enjoys offering affordable quotes to small business owners and families, particularly zero-cost plans. The owner did not have any branding or a website.


Need for cohesive branding and organizational systems by establishing a simple, targeted brand to attract the desired audience, freeing up time for fulfilling activities while effectively serving clients.


Services Provided

A refined brand identity reflecting the agent's commitment to simplicity and care has expanded the client base. Improved awareness has solidified the agent's reputation as a caring, trustworthy insurance provider, positioning them as a leader in simplifying insurance solutions.

Brand Strategy & Identity Design, Copy & Messaging, Website Design & Development, Marketing Strategy & Production, Social Media Graphics, Collateral & Print Design.

Owl Simply Design

Anna Christine Boulier
Creative Designer

155 Cherokee Place #1032
Cartersville, GA 30121


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