Project 24Seven

Save Lives: The Power is in YOUR Hands!

Project 24Seven combats the suicide epidemic with a powerful solution, focusing on tangible aid over mere awareness. The organization targets at-risk teens and works to expand awareness and support to donors and educational resources.


Need for cohesive branding and organizational systems by establishing a simple, targeted brand to attract the desired audience, freeing up time for fulfilling activities while effectively serving clients.


Services Provided

A powerful brand that effectively resonates with at-risk youth, donors, and educational institutions by aligning its message, identity, and marketing strategies to show compassion and offer life-saving solutions. Known as a reputable authority in suicide prevention, sustaining growth through consistent and approachable marketing efforts, ultimately saving lives and preventing further tragedy.

Brand Strategy & Identity Design, Copy & Messaging, Website Design Layout, Marketing Strategy & Production, Merchandise & Apparel Design, Social Media Graphics, Collateral & Print Design.

Original Website & Logo

Branded Website

Owl Simply Design

Anna Christine Boulier
Creative Designer

155 Cherokee Place #1032
Cartersville, GA 30121


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